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This weekend, we’ve got a 12-fight card with two title fights in Toronto, Canada. We are back to having PPV sized contests on DraftKings this week and there are some solid GPPs to pursue this week. The main GPP is a $10 entry with $25,000 to 1st place. Those are always my favourite competitions to chase so I’ll be taking some shots at that. Aside from that, I will adhere to my 3-entry maximum & single entry GPPs. I will also be picking up H2Hs throughout the week and I will get a fantastic amount of play in cash games. With that said, here are a Couple of plays I like this week in Addition to my fade of this week:
Cash Game play of this week — Joanna Jedrzejczyk ($6,800)
JJ might be the easiest money game punt of time at $6.8k. The lineup for Fight Goes To Conclusion is now -195 and if we’re getting 5-rounds out of JJ with all the striking volume she puts out then we have a good flooring there and it doesn’t matter whether she wins or loses. At that price tag she lets you pay up for some heavy favorites and when we could get 4 additional spots to win with a ~40-point loss from JJ within our lineup then we’ll be sitting very pretty in our cash games this weekend.
GPP play of the week — Thiago Santos ($8,800)
Fight Doesn’t Go To Conclusion is presently lined at -495 for this battle. The most likely outcome is that someone in this struggle gets hauled out within 15-minutes. With that knockout likely comes at least one 10-point knock down. If that can be from the 1st round, then you are currently at 100-points even if it’s just the 1st punch/kick of the evening. At $8.8k that’s more than sufficient to give you a chance at 1st place at a GPP. Thiago is your favorite in this fight and Manuwa is 38-years old today, so he can not have much time at the game left. I think we role with the favored here and toss him into our GPP lineups and then wait for the fireworks.
Underdog drama of the week — Matthew Lopez ($7,300)
Matthew Lopez is my underdog of this week due to his wrestling/grappling potential. I believe he’s a live underdog here. Lopez lost his last 2 fights by knockout, so that’s what I’d worry about most with him Brad Katona is most likely the better striker of the two but he has never knocked out anybody, so I think we’ve got a solid flooring here at $7.3k even if this fight does remain standing because I don’t see Katona knocking Lopez out. I think Lopez is most likely the better wrestler of both though and I believe he lands several takedowns in this battle and may win a choice with a wrestling-heavy game plan. Lopez lands 3.13 takedowns each 15-minutes in a 57 percent accuracy, and if he’s getting pieced up on the toes I am sure he will be going for much more than that here. At $7.3k I think Lopez makes for a solid play in all formats and that I believe he gets a split decision win here as the street underdog.
Fade of the week — Katlyn Chookagian ($8,700)
I’m fading a couple of fighters this week personally, but the individual I never even considered using was Katlyn Chookagian. It’s not that I don’t think she could win, because she for sure could, and I think she does. However, I don’t see her paying off an $8.7k DK salary with a win. I think we’d need a complete from her in this struggle to receive 10x that wages and I believe that is quite unlikely to take place. Or, she’ll want FightMetric to rely all of her screams as important strikes. The maximum Chookagian has scored in a UFC fight so far in her career is 83 DK points and that has been against Irene Aldana who places a much greater pace than Jessica Eye does. Even though she could get 83-points here then still would not be sufficient here to place her at the winning lineup in her 8.7k price tag. I think if you are earning 20 or less lineups this Saturday you may safely fade Chookagian and when she gets a triumph it shouldn’t hurt much.
Thanks for reading this and decent luck this weekend! If you would like my full-card breakdown where I breakdown every struggle on the card and also give my entire DraftKings analysis, in Addition to all my pick forecasts, you’ll find that for only $7.99 at this link below:

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