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Best Nevada Sports Betting Apps

For all those of you who’ve spent any time in a Las Vegas recently, you’ll have seen the surge in marketing for sports betting apps. While mobile gambling has long been a prestige at the international sportsbooks (see our top 5 listing , it has become a new and flourishing trend in the Sin City. This is a movement that’s much welcomed by the sport community as a whole and it opens up a slew of benefits for the traditional sports bettor.
Let us touch on the great number of benefits that this brings about for the bettor.
Benefits to Sports Betting Apps
1. No waiting in line at sports counter: There might be nothing more frustrating then trying to run up to the counter to place a wager before a game starts only to come across the line ten people deep! This all but guarantees that you won’t receive your bet in on time. This is commonplace throughout soccer season and while other large sporting events are happening, such as March Madness. Together with the sports gambling apps, one is literally a couple clicks away from having their wager placed.
2. No longer lost tickets: One just has to do a quick Google search on»lost sportsbook tickets» to see the assortment of issues that sports bettors have experienced with missing tickets. Whether the area maid pulled your ticket out or you lost it after a night of drinking, this can be an all-too-common occurrence. In the online world, the money from the winning ticket is automatically deposited into your accounts, thus eliminating all of lost tickets.
3. Bet from anywhere (in Nevada): While checking out the most recent lines, you discovered that the chances dropped on your own Washington Nationals from -170 to -130. This wager today makes sense to you. The challenge is that your spouse (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whomever) convinced you to go tour the Hoover Dam this day and you are miles away from the nearest sportsbook. Well, now with all the sports app revolution, you can put this bet during the excursion. All the applications use geolocation in your telephone and this determines if you are in the state of Nevada. If you are not, then the software will not operate on your telephone to their fullest capacity (i.e. you will not have the ability to make stakes ).
4. Get best chances from selection of novels: Even though we buried this point at #4, it’s by far the most important of all the items we cite here. Every sportsbook carries slightly different odds. To see the different lines that one may find online baseball, for instance, see MLB chances at different Las Vegas sportsbooks. We recommend that one puts cash in at least three accounts to take advantage of the best pricing the various novels offer. In this manner, wherever you are at in Nevada, an individual can shop around to find the best odds available.
5. Live gaming: Finally, we totally love the ability to dwell wager matches! In most sports, action moves way too fast for live gambling to ever be realistic in the standard sense of sports betting (go back up and read our first reason for loving the sports betting app revolution). But with the capability to bet at your palms, live betting becomes possible.
Before we continue, you will find two quick notes. One, we’ve reviewed the CG Technology program and it does not even come close to creating the record. It is marred with crashes and a very poor design. Two, there have been rumors which Caesar’s will have an app prepared by football season in 2017. If and when this happens, then we’ll update this review.
We move on to our listing of top sports betting programs.
Top Nevada Sports Betting Apps
This list now only includes the sports betting apps that we’ve reviewed.
#10 — B Associated Sports
The B Linked Sports app isn’t a bad program whatsoever and is backed by Boyd Gaming, which has a bunch of casinos that are off the strip. Now, there just isn’t anything to place this app apart from the top apps on this list.
Links to Download: B Associated Sports for Android / B Associated Sports for iOS
#9 — Treasure Island Mobile Sports
The program (built by Miomni) is solid. The downside is that Treasure Island doesn’t have a huge supply of sport in their book. To find this app, an individual must possess a Treasure Island Player’s Club card (that is pretty standard). Still another drawback is that betting through the app does not get you any specials points or rewards together with the Player’s Club. In other words, there’s really no good reason to with this program over some of the better ones further down this listing. On a positive side note, there is no greater location than Treasure Island to play Blackjack on the strip!
Links to Download: TI Mobile Sports for Android / TI Mobile Sports for iOS
#8 — CG Technology
An individual can make the argument that this is a great app to have so you have a variety in chances, but that is the sole reason we’d now recommend it. We found this program to be bothersome buggy and not particularly user friendly. However, as our last review on this program there have been a lot of bug fixes that have made this program a lot more stable than before. If CG Technology can continue to keep this trajectory in tact they then could move up this list come football season.
Links to Download: CG Sports for Android / CG Sports for iOS
#7 — PlayMGM
PlaymgmFor the time being, the PlayMGM application has a lot more negatives then positives. We will begin with the drawbacks. First, we absolutely can not stand the first home screen of the app. In each other sports gaming program that we employed, one simply must type in their pin or password to log in to the apparatus.
PlayMGM home screen PlayMGM Home Screen
With the PlayMGM app, you have to type your snare and then your date of birth every single moment. Secondly, once inside the app, the home webpage interface is messy and convoluted (see picture to the right). We can’t truly be certain what the program makers were thinking here. It seems like their effort was to create the biggest games simple to find, but what you are left with is a hodgepodge of matches all over the monitor. This makes finding a game harder then if a easy interface was used. Third, and this isn’t really the fault of this app, the chances at MGM are the worst which you’ll see in Vegas. If anyone can find a sportsbook that takes a higher vig, then please send us a message and let us know. Last, the bets that are created don’t connect in anyway to the MLife program.
On the positive side, the PlayMGM program does work really well. We have yet to encounter any crashes, major hiccups, or another sort of drawback concerning using this program. PlayMGM also one of a few sports betting apps that includes live betting! With live gambling, MGM pretty much knocks it out of the park with options on a lot of games and a seamless process to receive those stakes in fast.
While this app certainly needs some work, we think it is a fairly decent start to PlayMGM.
Links to Download: PlayMGM for Android / PlayMGM for iOS
#6 — Wynn
Wynn SportsThe program was constructed and is powered by Miomni Gaming that’s a business which has built some of the sportsbook programs for Nevada casinos. Their apps are typically very well done and the job they did together with the Wynn didn’t disappoint.
Wynn Sports App
As is a frequent theme that you will see in this blog, there isn’t too much disparity between the apps that were made by Miomni Gaming. Their arrangement and look is quite consistent across the board and you will find restricted differences. That said, the things that place the programs apart are generally in the way the sportsbooks function themselves. The Wynn does not require much promoting as they are renowned as a superb property!
The signup at the property was pretty standard. One wants to complete a bunch of forms and also a W-9 and then wait about ten minutes as a customer support representatives inputs all the info into a computer. The first deposit is instantly deposited along with the bettor is ready to go.
The app interface is consistent and solid. Like MGM however, the Wynn is a little bit slow to receive their lines out for competitions. Unlike MGM, however, the Wynn has competitive lines with a very low vig along with a choice of sports that matches with the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas.
Links to Download: Wynn Sports for Android / Wynn Sports for iOS
#5 — NV Sports
NV Sports logoNV Sports is the app that is backed by the mythical South Point Casino and the Rampart Casino at Summerlin.
NV Sports Home Screen
NV Sports Home Screen
The first thing that we really like about the app is that it doesn’t look like most of the others. The interface is simple and efficient that each category of games coming with a corresponding emblem. A very cool feature (the shockingly nobody else has done yet) is that the»Enabled» feature which shows on the screen allowing the consumer to know whether the games are able to be bet.
Though the South Point Sports Book is open 24 hours each day, the sports app has more limited hours at the assortment of 9am to 11pm (although this varies daily and can be subject to change). A fantastic advantage to adding the NV Sports program to your arsenal is they are in the upper-tier of sportsbooks in terms of line offerings. In other words, they have better odds than many sportsbooks and is thus a place you can get the maximum value.
Links to Download: NV Sports for Android / NV Sports for iOS
#4 — Caesar’s Sports
Caesar’s SportsThough Caesar’s was very late in the game in getting their program to advertise, they finally released the product in December of 2017. The app was done by Miomni Gaming and as mentioned previously, there is reallyn’t much to differentiate this program from the others which were made by them. The one benefit that does place Caesar’s besides the Wynn is that you do get Reward Credits and Tier Credits as you would if you placed a bet in one of those Caesar’s property sportsbooks. The credits currently take approximately 48 hours to show up on your Total Rewards accounts, but Caesar’s is working on an upgrade to make this happen in real-time. This app remains a work-in-progress, and for now, we will slot Caesar’s here in the 4th place.
Links to Download: Caesar’s Sports for Android / Caesar’s Sports for iOS
#3 — Westgate
Westgate Superbook Program Westgate Baseball Menu
Westgate Baseball Menu
Frankly, narrowing down the top three wasn’t a simple job as each of the subsequent three programs can make a situation to become #1. The Superbook at the Westgate now sits on top of this list for our Top 5 Las Vegas Sportsbooks and their program provides all the very same chances that their brick-and-mortar business uses.
Among the biggest benefit of working with the Westgate Superbook app is their breadth of alternatives for gambling. Only considering baseball, one can see in the image on the best the alternatives for alternative run lines, home runs, the Cy Young award, etc.. As we write this review, we could not locate any other sportsbook programs that had these choices to bet and this is just baseball! The Superbook also covers a wide variety of»Automobiles», Australian Rules Football, and college baseball playoffs to list a couple. Further, the Superbook generally has the cheapest vig of all the sportsbooks, so there is nowhere you can go for more value for your money. If all this weren’t sufficient, the Superbook currently has the best benefits program going with every $3.30 bet earning a point in the Westgate Player’s Club. With each 100 points equaling a $1 at free stuff, some huge stakes can earn you a generous amount of freebies!
There are two drawbacks to using the Superbook program. One is they appear to be somewhat constrained in the number of events that one can live wager. Two, which is a little one, is that we did not receive any incentive for enrolling.
All said and done, we certainly feel this program needs to be added to your arsenal of sports betting apps!
Links to Download: Superbook for Android / / Superbook for iOS
#2 — STN Sports
STN Sports AppSTN Sports is part of the Stations Casino brand that owns and runs are all number of casinos which are located off the main strip in vegas. As a side note, when you have not been to one of these casinos then we highly suggest checking them out. Across the board, all these are most well-run casinos in Las Vegas and their machines have the most competitive odds in the city. This app is also made by Miomni Gaming and, as we mentioned previously, they do a very good job with their programs.
You will find a variety of things that we love about this app. To begin with, once your initial bet is made, you’re automatically given thirty dollars in free play to use within an Stations Casino. Second, this is one of only two sportsbook programs that currently ties in the rewards program (which could be located at SCLV). For every dollar wager on sport, the bettor has one stage and one credit on their player’s card. At the moment, 100 points equal a buck, and all this may be used free of charge play, dining or other amenities in the casinos. This advantage was the deciding factor in setting STN Sports just ahead of this Superbook program.
The 1 disadvantage for STN Sports is that their lack of live gambling on most events, but that is really the only downside to the STN Sports program. In general, it ought to be obvious that we provide this one quite high marks as it comes in at #2 on our list.
Links to Download: StationsSports for Android / StationsSports for iOS
#1 — William Hill
William Hill Sports AppLast but not least, we come to our present preferred sports gaming program in William Hill. A sportsbook based out of the United Kingdom, William Hill started placing their footprints in the U.S. over the previous five decades or so. They are a very reliable book and their business is well respected.
William Hill Betting Screen
William Hill Betting Screen
The only real negative to William Hill is that it’s a third-party sportsbook that does not tie to any casino rewards program. This is not a terribly huge drawback since STN Sports is now the only app that rewards the bettor by using their player’s club.
We place the William Hill Program at #1 for a couple of important factors. To begin, they’ll pay a free 10% promotion on any first deposit up to $500. This comes with a 1x rollover, therefore if $500 is deposited then one will see their $50 bonus as soon as they make their initial $500 in stakes. Secondly, the betting interface is well designed and user friendly. An individual can see in the example to the right what the gambling screen looks like for Major League Baseball. Third, William Hill puts a close second to the Superbook in the number of sports betting choices that they have available. Lastly, and it is the thing that really sets William Hill apart, is that their wide range of event choice for live gambling. That is, undoubtedly, the most impressive live betting system which we reviewed in their thickness, options and usability.
So, for now, William Hill is the top sports book program! We will review these apps every six months or so and provide updates and changes if there are any!
Links to Download: William Hill for Android / William Hill for iOS
Updates 12/6/2018- Added a few notes on the TI Mobile Sports program and Westgate program.
4/23/2018- Added a review of this NV Sports app and B Connected Sports app. Produced a few notes on some developments on the other apps.
1/30/2018- Reviewed the Caesar’s Sports app along with the Treasure Island Sports app. Caesar’s jumps to #4.
7/18/2017- Reviewed the Wynn Sports app and CG Technology. Inserted Wynn Sports at #4 and dropped PlayMGM to #5.
6/16/2017- Original article posting.

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