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0 charger (afaik, there are no QC 2

overview for njggatron

canada goose clearance sale Typically a news presenter is like an small time executive. While an executive may not do all the ground work, they make overarching decisions canada goose outlet orlando that affect the final product. For local news, the vast majority of presenters meet with producers and reporters to decide what newsworthy that day, and how to get the info/content to present it. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket A news presenter is likely the most recognizable name. Thus, they are often responsible for getting interviews with important people. A producer may be responsible for reaching out and setting up a relationship, but it be on the presenter to convince the guest that the interview will be beneficial. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka At some point, presenters get their script and will change it better match news y speak and personal style. During a broadcast, they have to do this on the fly constantly to stick to schedule. For breaking/emergent news, they will likely get a loose collection of topics and content for them to piece together as the producer updates them on the status. Canada Goose Parka

During the broadcast, they are constantly listening to their producer for constructive criticisms, reminders, time checks, which camera to look at, when to break for commercial, changes of plan, and several other directions. Presenters not only have to listen and act on what they hear, they also have to speak what they reading.

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Additionally, the news station are accountable to network execs. Presenters and senior producers are responsible for answering questions and adjusting content to canada goose stockists uk the exec agenda. See: Sinclair Media.

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Source: I googled it. Just kidding, I was a journalism minor. Only worked in print, but I took some broadcast electives.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I have a cheap one from some Amazon deal. It not bad, but a little wonky around the edges. Barrel distortion can only be avoided by using a large lens diameter. The fisheye attachment is nice too, but is too narrow and ends up cropping too much of the video. The macro lens is my most used, and it good enough to canada goose outlet belgium see fine detail on canada goose uk clothing threads. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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Canada Goose online If you using the stock camera app, lol. Definitely canada goose outlet germany check out gcam. Google «gcam essential ph 1» and it should take you to the right spot. Canada Goose online

canada goose store I just googled «Samsung usb c not charging» and the only matching results are from folks who eventually got their USB canada goose outlet houston ports fixed and that resolved the issue. canada goose store

I sorry that you had bad experiences with Samsung. I not been able to find other anecdotes, nor do I have any experience with a modern Samsung device. Having charged the Essential PH 1, Pixels 1 2, LG G6, Yoga 910, Dell 7275, and Mac Book; home of them gave my 45W charger any problems and all fast charged. I never even expected what you experienced, except when charging canada goose jacket uk laptops that require 60W or more. Obviously my charger doesn reach that minimum.

canada goose clearance I suspect it not a USB C issue, or technically even a Samsung issue. I did see one person mention the waterproofing and how their S8 wouldn my charge if it thought the port has moisture. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet I think what most folks are still not getting is that for your phone or tablet, USB C will not reach the wattages where it problematic. It will not be a problem if you aren charging a laptop or anything over 30W. canada goose outlet location Data is a different issue, and has more to do with proprietary standards being favored over USB IF spec. You say C to C is fragmented, but you have absolutely no evidence for it canada goose outlet niagara falls being fragmented for PHONES. You won find any either. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets C to C cables only fall into two power categories: 3A and 5A. Anything else is out of spec and shunned by the industry. These are both far more capable than any phone/tablet can handle. You don address this point at all, and I think you missed it. I really don think people are getting that C to C for phones and tablets is NEVER an issue. Please take this to heart or respond to it, because it really doesn seem like you got the entire sentiment of my argument. Take a look at the TLDR and just respond canada goose outlet store uk to that. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale I don dismiss the A to C problems. I just don have a solution, and neither does anyone else. This is the whole reason we are all pushing for C to C. Do you not get that EVERY other connector is the issue? A to C is a problem, and there is no solution that retains A to C. The only solution is C to C. I thought it canada goose outlet online reviews was obvious what my position on this is. canada goose outlet ottawa I even explicitly state that the two are incompatible because C to C is so much more capable and it needs to be seriously attenuated to even approach being compatible. It like trying to put a V10 in a go kart. Even if you find a transmission that fits, it going to destroy everything else on the go kart because a go kart is simply not capable of supporting the maximum power of a V10. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale It really seems like most of this argument went over your head, so please point out the problems you have with the post. You are not arguing against what I arguing, but rather you are arguing what I already argued against. My post specifically address your kind of thought process (falsely equating USB C and with USB A/ B). It like that thread where the guy is from the future and his posts are responses to potential questions. Your post is the canada goose outlet vancouver exact kind of post my submission dismantles, because you don understand the basic argument. You are just regurgitating what you heard canada goose outlet black friday sale from uninformed and lazy journalists. USB C is guaranteed to work better in all cases where microUSB/Lightning connector are used. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose The only exception is when you using USB C with an older connector, in that case see the above paragraph canada goose outlet usa again. You are arguing against some imaginary connector above 60W. There is no other connector that does that. Below canada goose outlet online 30W, USB C is superior and universal in the exact way we expect so everything you saying is patently false. There are three canada goose outlet canada USB C power protocols: Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and DASH. The latter two are proprietary technologies that support charging on all phones. Again, I have to emphasize this, because you did not catch it the first dozen times. At a minimum, you will get much faster charging with a phone that only supports PD and a QC 3.0 charger (afaik, there are no QC 2.0 USB C chargers) than you would ever get with USB A/B. The absolute worst case scenario is already better than the best case scenario for those older connectors. As someone who owns several USB C devices, this has universally been my experience. Even the shittiest, canada goose outlet michigan cheapest, sketchiest chinese USB C charger and included cable I got for $15 works perfectly with any phone or tablet. However, it doesn power my laptop even though they are both 30W rated (laptop requires 15V/2A while adapter only outputs 9V/3A). This is the broken/fragmented part, not when it comes to phones. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale OP, canada goose jacket outlet toronto you make some solid points. But they are all theoretical. And they do not translate into practice. Canada Goose sale

Literally ALL my examples canada goose outlet seattle are real world. None of you examples are, and technically all of canada goose outlet locations in toronto your examples are because you provide zero counter evidence and just theoretical evidence. Find me a single instance of a C to C cable failing or being confusing for anyone charging their phone. I wait.

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